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Contextually-based Inbound Marketing


The Lake Net Media is an Internet marketing firm that has developed the PostingMuscle.com brand to deliver turnkey solutions for our clients that rapidly deliver measurable business results.

Our team of experts do the heavy lifting for you allowing you to concentrate on running your business.


  • PostingMuscle.com is your one-stop-shop for inbound marketing solutions, providing what it really takes for you to succeed and to be competitive in today’s Internet-driven economy.
  • Our company was founded by a group of highly experienced business and cutting edge technology professionals with the goal of addressing the new and unique problems our customers face to cost effectively grow market share.
  • Our team of professional SEO copywriters, web developers , image/video artists and advertising specialists deliver a comprehensive marketing capability for our clients.

We understand that in today’s business environment traditional marketing approaches are no longer working well enough to meet our customers’ needs. Our client’s customers are no longer looking to the yellow pages, print media or many other traditional advertising sources to find what they need. More often than not, today’s customer does not even take the paper and TiVo’s past all the expensive commercials on TV.  Rather customers are searching the Internet to find what they need. So with millions upon millions of web sites on the Internet, how does your business get easily found by your potential customers before they find your competition? This is a big problem that we solve for our customers; “How to get found on search engines ahead of one’s competitors”.

The Internet is a crowded place and growing larger and more complex every day. Stand-alone Internet marketing efforts like web sites, email campaigns, Twitter, Facebook etc., are all fine, but unless properly done and coordinated to provide a contextually-based web presence, these activities most often do not produce the intended business outcomes.  This is where our contextually-based inbound marketing methodology, PostingMuscle.com, comes in. Everyone has heard the adage; “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts”. This adage is key to understanding both what is missing in today’s Internet marketing and the value proposition we offer our clients.

With our contextually-based inbound marketing we put it all together for you in a turnkey solution leaving you the time and energy you need to run your business. We do the heavy lifting required to create a coordinated approach to your web presence so that all of the efforts are seen contextually as one big powerful engine pulling your business up in the page rankings of the search engines that your customers are using.

Today’s business owners realize that they must at least have a web site. Some more advanced business professionals have begun to tap into the power of social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.  The problem is that even with all of the time and effort it takes to do all of this, businesses are still finding themselves lost in the noise of the Internet. Often, because they do not understand the specifics of how the Internet search engines operate, their sites are still not ranked highly when the customers search for them.  Having a web site is good and having a Facebook page for your business is good, but having a wide variety of social media outlets for your business all coordinated to provide the search engines and your customers with a “bigger picture” of what your business value is and how to find you is even better.

So the question then becomes – who has the time to do all of this!? At The Lake Net Media, our mission is to provide this expertise for you in an affordable, turnkey fashion. We do this by providing our clients with continuously optimized orchestration of the customer’s contextual web presence so that it drives positive world-of-mouth advertising within the target customer base. We specialize in helping our clients harness the entire value proposition of Internet inbound marketing. Our “PostingMuscle.com” offerings provide clients with first-of-breed Internet marketing solutions that deliver unprecedented brand awareness via customized contextually-based inbound marketing campaigns.

Founded by William (Bill) Norton in 2006 The Lake Net Media is focused on developing turnkey inbound marketing strategies and services for clients. Our PostingMuscle.com offerings provide clients with first-of-breed Internet marketing solutions that deliver unprecedented brand awareness via customized contextually-based inbound marketing campaigns.

The Lake Net Media works closely with clients to thoroughly analyze the inbound marketing needs of their businesses. We then exceed their expectations by providing them with measurable results.

The Lake Net Media has uncovered a huge need for business owners to attract potential customers to their respective websites and to create enduring relationships with such prospects. Traditional marketing approaches are no longer working as well as they have in the past. Customers are no longer looking to the yellow pages and other print media to find businesses. Rather customers are searching the Internet to find what they need. The issue today’s businesses must solve is to be found easily by the right customers on the first page of the search engines. This is where our PostingMuscle.com turnkey offering comes in. Following our PostingMuscle.com methodology, our professional web developers, copywriters, social media, public relations and email marketing experts develop post-and-manage web content for our business owners, thus freeing them to manage their businesses.

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