Harnessing the Power of Inbound Marketing

Choose to build a dominant presence in your target markets. We strive to be your “Trusted Advisor” in the inbound marketing arena.’s comprehensive inbound marketing solutions are delivered as a service freeing you ,the business owner, to concentrate on your core competency – running the business. is your one-stop-shop for inbound marketing solutions, providing what it really takes for you to succeed and to be competitive in today’s Internet-driven economy.

Our solutions come in annual subscription packages of different sizes, meaning we are able to help the small to medium sized businesses just as much as the large international customers.

Packages include:

  • WordPress website setup and administration with SEO content
  • Research and competitive analysis
  • Blog management, SEO Article writing, posting and submission
  • Facebook setup and administration with custom profile image & landing page
  • Twitter setup and administration with custom background
  • LinkedIn setup and administration for company profile and Groups
  • YouTube setup and administration of company channel
  • Email Marketing program setup and administration
  • Public Relations to create and disseminate searchable press releases
  • Brand protection web monitoring of all positive and negative postings
  • SEO Copyrighter and Social Media Administration
  • Pushing articles out to all affiliated local marketing sites
  • Linking to over 500 sites
  • AdWords PPC campaign setup and management


Contextually-based Inbound is the most complete and cost-effective Internet marketing solution for businesses trying to grow their market share. Our comprehensive, coordinated, turnkey solutions to inbound marketing have become the resource of choice for businesses seeking to grow their business while cutting the high costs of marketing.

Most business owners today understand that they require an effective Internet presence in order to be found by customers seeking their products and services. Today’s businesses have a problem.  There are literally over a trillion web sites out there and almost all of their customers are searching the Internet to find what they intend to purchase. The Internet has grown to the point that unless the business can be found on the first page of the customer’s search results there is little likelihood of converting that prospect into a new client.

In the past one could rely on paid Internet advertising to provide assurance of being found by potential customers. But today more and more, customers are clicking the “Organic search results” rather than the paid pay-per-click advertisements. In 2005, 80 to 90 percent of all customer clicks were in the paid advertisement area of the search results. Today it is the opposite; 80 to 90 percent of customers are clicking in the organic results.  Customers are increasingly leery of paid ads and are looking for businesses that have high ranking in the organic search. This is a movement toward “crowd sourcing” where the customer feels that a natural search ranking is more trustworthy.

So the question becomes: How can the business owner do all that is required without breaking the budget? Certainly there is no shortage of people selling web sites and expensive pay-per-click advertising. Clearly a new approach is needed by today’s customer. That is where comes to the rescue.

Social Media, Contextually-based Inbound MarketingWe hit the target not once but hundreds of times.  Our trusted solutions provide our clients with a first-of-breed Internet marketing solution that addresses the heart of the problem and not just the symptoms.  We provide fully comprehensive solutions that reach out to where your potential clients are reading day in and day out in cyberspace and, more importantly, we do all the work for you in a cost-effective way. This frees you, the business owner, to concentrate on running your business NOT having to learn about the latest changes in the Google or Bing search engine algorithms. You can avoid the cost of hiring staff to work on Internet marketing that will most often only deliver a slim portion of the required results.

With our proven, cost-effective solutions you get unprecedented web presence for your business accomplished in a way that really works. Our solution is comprehensive in scope and tailored to attract local clients to your business. We get your business found by your clients on the first page of a Google search. gives your business a constantly running machine that works 24/7, day in and day out, week by week, month by month doing everything required to expand your web presence, attract clients to your business and also monitor your reputation on the Internet and protect you from unfair comments.


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